I’m sometimes asked whether peer support is treatment. I always answer “no,” though others may not. In my mind, treatment seeks to cure the disease, rehab the injury, or slow the progression of symptoms. Peer support helps[…]

A recent article in Military.com reported that the US Navy is testing brain-stimulating technologies with the SEALs. The device looks like a set of chunky headphones, and they work by applying an electrical stimulus through the skull. The company[…]

The open road conjures images of freedom, adventure, and possibility. Unfortunately, for some people with PTSD the possibilities are dark. The road, other drivers, and even the dark of the night can trigger stress, anxiety, or other PTSD[…]

Asking yourself whether you have PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a difficult question to answer. It’s an emotionally loaded question, and so it’s difficult to answer. It’s even difficult to get to the point of asking[…]

“Better Off Dead: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Canadian Armed Forces” is  amazing and shocking, but not for the reasons you would expect. Fred Doucette was a soldier in the Army for 34 years and a peer supporter[…]

Today is the 100th Anniversary of the start of the Battle at Vimy Ridge. There has been extensive coverage of the historical events and the memorial services. Our thoughts are with them and we’re incredibly grateful for past and[…]

This post is our last in our series on our learnings from the CIMVHR Annual Forum. Identity is a growing topic of interest among CIMVHR attendees. In this context, identity has to do with how you see yourself and[…]

We’re excited to share this banner with you, not just because it’s big and cool, but because it represents a new direction for us. Over several months, Susan met with representatives from various organizations to find a[…]

We interrupt the series on our learnings from the CIMVHR Annual Forum to share a big announcement with you. Safehouse has been selected to participate in a Startup Showcase on Friday. The exhibit caps off Entrepreneurship Week[…]

A topic that received a lot of interest at the CIMVHR Annual Forum was moral injury. This type of psychological trauma is receiving greater interest due to both the increasing incidence in recent deployments and greater attention[...]

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